Busy bee.

So I have been fairly busy lately. Been running myself ragged, trying to get a job so I can have money for the million bills I have to pay. Can’t say I’m not stressed…but I’m not stressed either, if that makes sense.

I suppose I was going to spend time and write, and I do write, but I guess it is more of a “that will have to come later if people would like to read it” sort of thing. I find the stuff I have been writing about extremely intriguing and fascinating, but somehow that’s how it only from my point of view. I find things that are grotesque and taboo to be more interesting than not. I guess if people are interested I will post it.

well other than that I have been practicing Mandarin, trying to sort out how I am gonna do it when fall comes around and figure out if I can get into Uni or not.

and I have been trying to get out a lot, so that my mom can’t fly of the hinges at me, hard work you see.

I am currently living at home, not by choice mind you. And for the past six years I have been living at home she has been a living hell. and then I was gone for a year attending some sort of uni, dont know how to describe it properly, learning Mandarin and visiting China and Japan for six weeks. Good times. And well… coming home to more drama than when I left, a grandma who’s being scammed, and a sister who’s been dragged through the mud by non other than my mom.

so yeah, I’m a bit stressed, bit tired, and a hundred percent done with living at home without a job. so I guess I am writing this to all of you. Not for support but for some sort of outlet.

I don’t have much of it here you see. Not many people who are interested in what I have to say, and at home, it’s either being complained at or shut up. yay.

anyways, I’ll post something later today or tomorrow.




Hello world.

First of all, I am kinda new to this blog thing. But I’ll be posting things I find interesting, maybe some stories, and some things i experienced in China while I was there, maybe I’ll post some of my art and my music choise of the day, and maybe i’ll not post anything. we’ll see what I choose to do.

but I hope you all, who in the future stumble upon this blog, don’t judge the things that I do and write, but that you’ll keep an open mind about everything that will eventually be posted here.

I cannot vouch for my sense of humor, justice or my moral. because I have none of them.  And I will write about it in the foreseeable future, I believe.

anyway I hope you will enjoy what I write about and/or post.

– Isha